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...Aur Pyar Ho Gaya... 
This beautiful story opens with Mr. Kailashnath (Anupam Kher), who is a rich business man. He has a daughter named Aashi (Aishwariya Rai). The story goes such that, Mr. Kailashnath takes a loan from a well-known bank to buy shares a company. Mrs. Oberoi (Bina), being the manager of the bank, tells Kailashnath that her bank is unable to give a loan on shares, but someway, somehow, Mr. Kailashnath presuades Mrs. Oberoi and gets the loan sanctuated. 

The Story then continues on as Mr. Kailashnath meets his old friend (mr. Malhotra) at a friends wedding, and both Kailashnath & Malhotra agree upon to the marriage of their daughter, Aashi & son, Rohit. 
Aashi agrees to the engagement subject to the fact that she meets the boy and gets a chance to know his personality. 

Thereby, Aashi leaves for Switzerland with intentions to meet Mr. Rohit Malhotra. As she arrives there, she coincidently meets a boy named Bobby Oberoi (Bobby Deol) who introduces himself as Rohit Malhotra and falls in love with Aashi. She in turn also begins to love this FAKE Rohit Malhotra. But when she finds out that he in actuality is Bobby Oberoi, Aashi tries to forget him but in the end finally accepts Bobby. 

After returning to India, with the blessing of their parents, both decide to get engaged and after married. But due to some mishappenings, Mr. Kailashnath breaks of the wedding with Mrs. Oberoi and sets it with his old friend Mr. Malhotra. Aashi refuses to marry Rohit, yet is still forced to do such. 

Is the end a tragic or happy ending, wait and find out by watching ... 
...Aur Pyar Ho Gaya...!

[ It is the beginning of a new story... ]
[ Lights....Camera.....Action!!!! ]
[The End]
Bas Nighaen Mili...
Aur Pyar Ho Gaya..
.....Aur Pyar Ho Gaya!

-Jimmy Mehra