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The Sanjay Dutt Chat

Sanjay Dutt Sanjay Dutt arrived for the Chat at 7, an hour ahead of schedule. Friendly, unpretentious and a total antithesis to one's impressions of Bollywood stars. Three television crews -- from Rupert Murdoch's Channel [V], from Raghav Behl' s TV 18 and from Amit Khanna's Plus Channel -- came a short while later. The excess power load resulted in an unfortunate technical glitch which prevented the Chat from starting on time.

As resident computer whiz Vikas Mujumdar and Systems Administrator Shailesh Soni fixed the problem, Sanjubaba was patient, never once losing his cool, smoking several cigarettes and constantly chatting on his cellular phone.

Once he was on the Rediff Chat, he was delightful. Frank and forthright. As he has not been for a long time.

Nikhil Lakshman (Mon Sep 30 19:33:12 1996 IST):


Nishika De (Mon Sep 30 19:37:15 1996 IST):

Wow! He's here before time. I must say I'm impressed. Stars coming on time is unheard. This comes like a breath of fresh air. Its great to have you here.

Nishika De (Mon Sep 30 19:38:49 1996 IST):

Hey guys, why don't we begin chatting with Mr Dutt?

madhu (Mon Sep 30 19:38:50 1996 IST):

Hi! Is SUNJAY here?

madhu (Mon Sep 30 19:40:11 1996 IST):

Sunjay, WE LOVE YOU!!!! I am in USA now, was in NY the same time as you. Was hoping 2 see you but could not. How are your shootings going on?

soofee (Mon Sep 30 20:39:08 1996 IST):

Sanju, after your release from the jail why did you go to touch feet of that minority hatter gangster calle Bal Thakrey?

NIKHIL LAKSHMAN (Mon Sep 30 20:39:56 1996 IST):

folks, sorry the camera crews goofed up. but here is the man himself the one and only SANJAY DUTT!

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 20:40:15 1996 IST):

Hi everyone

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 20:41:35 1996 IST):

Hi Arvind, Thanks for your concern , God willing I'll be out in flying colours

clion (Mon Sep 30 20:41:46 1996 IST):

Hey there...Sanjay.. How are you??

snap* (Mon Sep 30 20:42:16 1996 IST):

Hello Sanjay!!

clion (Mon Sep 30 20:42:30 1996 IST):


phoolmati (Mon Sep 30 20:42:53 1996 IST):

Sanju bhaiya Namaste, Hamne suna hai ke Hindi filmon ke Nirmata Nirdesakon ke sirf teen Sauk hain 1Sona 2Mona aur3 Mona ke saath sona. Kya yeh sach hai ke koi nayee ladki filmo main aatee hai to Nirmata , nirdeshak y=uske saath sona chahte hain?

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 20:43:04 1996 IST):

Madhu: I have a couple of good films coming up , one or two names are Khauf, and Kartoos . We'll see each other the next time I come to the big apple

clion (Mon Sep 30 20:43:19 1996 IST):


Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 20:43:44 1996 IST):

Phoolamti: Yeh bikul galat hai.

Rajen (Mon Sep 30 20:44:38 1996 IST):

WHich do you think is your best acting role till date ?

clion (Mon Sep 30 20:44:53 1996 IST):


Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 20:45:06 1996 IST):

Snap: Where's my Snap?

Khalnayaka (Mon Sep 30 20:45:11 1996 IST):

Hey Sanju Hi! I am your cyber counterpart. How are you faring?? Are you out of the court hassles yet?? When are you coming next to the USA?? I am dying to meet you.

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 20:45:41 1996 IST):

Rajen: Naam, Khalnayak and Saajan.

phoolmati (Mon Sep 30 20:46:02 1996 IST):

Dhanya waad Sanju bhaiya . Achchha yeh batao ke aap Itni umar ke ho kar bhee itne haseen aur jawan kaise lagte hain?

clion (Mon Sep 30 20:46:28 1996 IST):

Sanjay.. what kind of stuff do you do whjen you're not at shoots?

Sandeep (Mon Sep 30 20:46:33 1996 IST):

Mr Dutt, good to finally have you here! Can you tell us something about Sanjay Dutt the man? Especailly after the horrifying experiences he has recently gone through?

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 20:46:38 1996 IST):

Khalnayaaka: Not out of the court hassles yet. Hope to see ya soon

nikhil kharabanda (Mon Sep 30 20:46:43 1996 IST):

hey sanju,you there

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 20:46:45 1996 IST):

Khalnayaaka: Not out of the court hassles yet. Hope to see ya soon

Ram Rahim (Mon Sep 30 20:46:55 1996 IST):

Greetings, Sunjubaba. It is an honour to speak with you today.

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 20:47:13 1996 IST):

Snap: Thanks for the right one this time

clion (Mon Sep 30 20:47:42 1996 IST):


Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 20:47:58 1996 IST):

Nikhil: Hi Nikhil, I'm right hear listening .

meenali (Mon Sep 30 20:48:01 1996 IST):

Hi sanjay.. sorry about your wife.. we certainly hope she is well soon.. When do you think your court appearances be over?

soofee (Mon Sep 30 20:48:04 1996 IST):

clion,snap buddy whats up?

Shah (Mon Sep 30 20:48:15 1996 IST):

Hey Sanju are you there?

Ram Rahim (Mon Sep 30 20:48:18 1996 IST):

How have you managed to keep your sanity intact despite everything that has occurred to you? it is incredible. I just hope all these hassles are over SOON and you are back where you belong-- AT THE TOP!

snap* (Mon Sep 30 20:48:33 1996 IST):

Glad you're pleased. What's lifelike these days?

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 20:48:43 1996 IST):

Raam Rahim: Its an honour for me.

Sandeep (Mon Sep 30 20:48:44 1996 IST):

Say, Sanju, what would you have been if you weren not an actor?

cameraman (Mon Sep 30 20:48:47 1996 IST):

hi sanjay, are u in

Sekhar (Mon Sep 30 20:48:52 1996 IST):

Hi Sanjay, Do you believe in fate? Sekhar

Khalnayaka (Mon Sep 30 20:49:03 1996 IST):

Hey Sanju how is the bisepcs business going?? Has your stay in the slammer made you a weakling or are you the same old hunk?? Can you please send me your photo while working out?? I would kill for it!!

nikhil kharabanda (Mon Sep 30 20:49:10 1996 IST):

which film has been your all time favourite

Samyukta (Mon Sep 30 20:49:33 1996 IST):

Sanju uncle, I think you are the greatest! May God always take care of you. My papa wants to speak to you now!

meenali (Mon Sep 30 20:49:33 1996 IST):

Hi sanjay.. sorry about your wife.. we certainly hope she is well soon.. When do you think your court appearances be over?

snap* (Mon Sep 30 20:49:40 1996 IST):

What's the next major release going to be?

rahul (Mon Sep 30 20:50:12 1996 IST):

hi!! which is u'r next movie

cameraman (Mon Sep 30 20:50:15 1996 IST):

Sanjay, have u ever regretted for being in this field. if not film, where would u be

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 20:50:24 1996 IST):

Ram, Rahim: I have managed to kep my sanity intact , pray for me that I should be out of the courts soon.

Meenali: Pray for me

Sanjay Dutt Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 20:58:13 1996 IST):

Khalnayaka: The slammer has not made me any weaker biceps gone up to 17 and a half inches , will send you the photographs.

soofee (Mon Sep 30 20:58:15 1996 IST):

Snju, You did not answer my first Q. Let me ask you another . Do you have any links with under world at all ? including Bal Thakrey?

priya (Mon Sep 30 20:58:44 1996 IST):

hi, brother how does it feel to be on the net,communicating with your fans around the globe? love you pri

snap* (Mon Sep 30 20:58:44 1996 IST):

We all hope you come out of this mess soon.We want to see more of you

Samyukta (Mon Sep 30 20:58:47 1996 IST):

BHow has prison changed you? What did you do all those months? I hear you are going to start a charity to help people who are in prison but don't have the money to fight the cases. What a noble thought! I must tell you that I have never doubted your innoc ence. I hate the way the Indian police treated you. I can only say that someday justice will be done to you.

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 20:58:58 1996 IST):

Soffee: I have no links with the underworld. And Bal Thankeray is not a man from the underworld.

INDIAN (Mon Sep 30 20:59:36 1996 IST):

Hi Sanjay! I would like to know whether the whole issue about yourinvolvment in a series of accusations that have been targeted at you is true or not. Do you feel that the whole thing is being done by someone else for his/her personal gains or is it that they despise the popularity that you might have got if not for these problems. I have not watched many of your movies and not a very hardcore fan, but i would like to know the truth behind this. I expect a frank reply! Thanx if you reply.I heard about you wife and am sure that God would make her well soon. He is with you all.Have faith and be brave.

clion (Mon Sep 30 21:00:01 1996 IST):


Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:00:02 1996 IST):

Hi Pri: It feels great to be chatting, you better teach me the computer . Love you and the family

Ram Rahim (Mon Sep 30 21:00:10 1996 IST):

Is that Priya, as in Dutt? Priya, you are not the only one who loves him. We all do! I have never known someone with such raw courage in all of Bollywood. We are with him and the Dutt family always.

Shah (Mon Sep 30 21:00:19 1996 IST):

Which is your next movie you are looking forward to?

cameraman (Mon Sep 30 21:00:54 1996 IST):

sanjay, have u ever regretted for being in this field. if not for film where would u be

Samyukta (Mon Sep 30 21:01:08 1996 IST):

What was the moment in prison when lost all hope? What has the nightmare of the last three years taught you?

meenali (Mon Sep 30 21:01:16 1996 IST):

I will certainly pray for you.. but tell me are you allowed to sign any new films? if yes how many have you signed and how do you manage to schedule your shootings?

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:01:30 1996 IST):

Indian: All these allegations are fabricated and politically motivated I am not a terrorist I love my country and I'm innocent .

phoolmati (Mon Sep 30 21:01:55 1996 IST):

Sanju bhaiya yeh bar bar band kyon hojaata hai? Yeh to Hamare Raqabganj kee Bijli kee tarah hai Kabhi band kabhi chaloo. Filhal aap ke papa sunil datt bahot achchhe insaan hain? Kya aap bhi unke jaise banna chahte hain? Mera matlap Siyasat se hai.

Ram Rahim (Mon Sep 30 21:02:26 1996 IST):

I hear Channel 4 has made a film on you. Is that right?

Sanjay Dutt Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:02:46 1996 IST):

Meenali: I am signing new films but I have to work only in the nights as I have to attend court, from 10- 5:00 everyday.

cameraman (Mon Sep 30 21:03:11 1996 IST):

sanjay, there's a saying that, 1000 criminals can go scot free but an innocent should not be punished. what would u say about this. where are u in this

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:03:39 1996 IST):

Raam Rahim: I'm working with Channel 4 for a film based on the 1857 revolution I'm playing the character of Mangal Pandey .

meenali (Mon Sep 30 21:03:41 1996 IST):

Sanjay.. that must be tedious.. do you manage any sleep then?

cameraman (Mon Sep 30 21:04:28 1996 IST):

phoolmati, would u please chat proper english, u are on net mind u better chat so that everyone understands.

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:04:42 1996 IST):

Phoolamti: Main siyasat main kabhi nahin jaoonga.

Shah (Mon Sep 30 21:04:49 1996 IST):

I wonder if you were really involved in bomb-blast case?

soofee (Mon Sep 30 21:04:50 1996 IST):

Sanju I dont have to proove Bal Thak's under world connection but my ori ginal Q was why did you go to touch his feet after your release from jail?

Ram Rahim (Mon Sep 30 21:04:50 1996 IST):

Hey, isn't that the role Mr B was supposed to play? Lemme guess, Kartoos. Wow! I think you'd do a better job than him.

meenali (Mon Sep 30 21:05:05 1996 IST):

Why mangal pandey of all the people?

cameraman (Mon Sep 30 21:05:43 1996 IST):

sanjay, there's a saying that, 1000 criminals can go scot free but an innocent should not be punished. what would u say about this. where are u in this

(Mon Sep 30 21:06:14 1996 IST):

This is an alias. Chosen deliberately because I think you are very much like that Hollywood hero. How do you cope? Shooting at night, court thru the day. Where do you see yourself five years from now? Or does that mean you'd have to wait till the case is over.

nikhil kharabanda (Mon Sep 30 21:06:29 1996 IST):

how do you feel to be on the net

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:06:36 1996 IST):

Samyukta: There was a moment after my bail got rejected in the supreme court and I felt I'll be never be out , Its a frightening feeling , three years has taught me to have a low profile .

(Mon Sep 30 21:06:59 1996 IST):

Sorry, I logged in as James dean!

phoolmati (Mon Sep 30 21:07:11 1996 IST):

Sanju bhaiya aap kitne meethe (Sweet) hain. aap hamare har sawal ka jawab dete hain. Aap Ka-na-da (Paschim) kab aa rahe hain?

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:07:35 1996 IST):

Nikhil: It feels great to be on the net. Now Ii know why you stay up all night on your computer.

meenali (Mon Sep 30 21:07:44 1996 IST):

Sanjay..low profile?? but your experience in the prison has made you more famous.. how do you feel about that?

cameraman (Mon Sep 30 21:07:50 1996 IST):

sanjay, are u listening to me, please answer my question

INDIAN (Mon Sep 30 21:08:07 1996 IST):

>From Indian, thanx again! i definitely appreciate you love for bharat and i share the same view too. During the case where they said that they found out some arms,drugs or whatever shit they claimed to have discovered, i would like to know whether that something of that sort existed. Because you know, our police walas are the best in fabricating cases. I also feel that there are so many criminals in our country to be stripped and whipped and that you shouldnt have been haggled around like this. I pray that this fate must not come even to my worst enemy.Thanx if you reply.

nikhil kharabanda (Mon Sep 30 21:08:36 1996 IST):


Ram Rahim (Mon Sep 30 21:08:48 1996 IST):

Why don't you do some sensible films? Kartoos seems like good stuff. But do you think you could give your movie career a boost given the circumstances you find yourself in?

meenali (Mon Sep 30 21:09:19 1996 IST):

Sanjay..low profile?? but your experience in the prison has made you more famous.. how do you feel about that?

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:10:20 1996 IST):

Soofee: It was because of Balasahab I'm out today atleast he stood by his convictions and he believed in my innocence , he gave me a second life, that's why I touched his feet

Arvind Agarwal (Mon Sep 30 21:10:41 1996 IST):

Hi sanjay, Nice to have u on net. But its very difficult for me to see Hindi movies here, I wish I Could get ur video cassettes somehow. Here , we dont get new movies very soon. This town in USA is not big enuf to get Hindi Video Cassettes. I am trying desperately to get a video library here. I wish u can at laest tell me the names of ur new coming films. Arvind Agarwal UTSI, P.O. Box 26 Tullahoma, USA

nikhil kharabanda (Mon Sep 30 21:10:51 1996 IST):


(Mon Sep 30 21:10:59 1996 IST):

Hi Sanjay,You havnt answered my question about your belief in fate.Expecting a reply.Sekhar

cameraman (Mon Sep 30 21:11:00 1996 IST):

sanjay, are u listening to me, please answer my question have u ever regretted ever born to a celebrity.

phoolmati (Mon Sep 30 21:11:12 1996 IST):

Sanju bhaiya, Kya aap film ka Nirdeshan bhi karna chahenge kabhi aap ki zindagi main?

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:12:06 1996 IST):

Indian: There was nothing found on me or in my house no drugs no guns.

Samyukta (Mon Sep 30 21:12:27 1996 IST):

At 37, where do you see your life going from here? I ask because I am a month older than you. We 1959s are sure something, don't you agree?

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:12:39 1996 IST):

Cameraman: No I've never regretted being a celebrity .

(Mon Sep 30 21:12:44 1996 IST):

Where do you see yourself five years from now ?

meenali (Mon Sep 30 21:12:51 1996 IST):

Why did they pick on you? Any idea?

cameraman (Mon Sep 30 21:12:51 1996 IST):

sanjay, u seem to pick up ur questioners. i have asked the same question thrice, no reply, please answer

nikhil kharabanda (Mon Sep 30 21:12:53 1996 IST):

its good to know that your having a nice time on the net

(Mon Sep 30 21:13:35 1996 IST):

Where do you see yourself five years from now ?

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:13:42 1996 IST):

Samyukta: I'm gonna keep working and fifty niners are the BEST.

soofee (Mon Sep 30 21:14:01 1996 IST):

Sanju, If you are honest why dont you answer my Q????????

(Mon Sep 30 21:14:06 1996 IST):

Where do you see yourself five years from now ?

cameraman (Mon Sep 30 21:14:33 1996 IST):

hi sanjay, u got me wrong, i asked whether u had ever regretted about born to a celebrity

(Mon Sep 30 21:14:47 1996 IST):

Where do you see yourself five years from now ?

(Mon Sep 30 21:15:12 1996 IST):

Sanju, I hope you will be here a long time. It's terrific to talk to someone as khatru as you. I think prison has really changed you as a human being. Your eyes seem even more haunted. Am I right? Did you think a great deal of your mom in prison? Did she ever appear in your dreams?

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:15:18 1996 IST):

Arvind: Which town in the US do you stay? New York city has a lot of Indian films I've a couple of good films coming

nikhil kharabanda (Mon Sep 30 21:15:20 1996 IST):

which is your favourite film(english)

meenali (Mon Sep 30 21:15:31 1996 IST):

Dear Sanju, How's Dad? He really went through a lot. and as a parent I quite understand his felings. You really are lucky to have a DAd like him as also friends who stand by you.

Ram Rahim (Mon Sep 30 21:16:00 1996 IST):

Whom do you admire most in the world?

phoolmati (Mon Sep 30 21:16:24 1996 IST):

Sanju bhaiya aapka e.Khat (mail) number hai?

Sanjay Dutt Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:17:04 1996 IST):

James Dean: I thought about my mom all the time when I was in jail, Her thoughts let me struggle for my freedom, If I have any more of these haunted eyes they will shut down soon.

Samyukta (Mon Sep 30 21:17:23 1996 IST):

Were you disappointed by the way people in the industry reacted when you were in prison? Did you know who your real pals were? It must have come as something of a disappointment. I know you rarely if ever speak badly of someone. But could you let us know who let you down most?

INDIAN (Mon Sep 30 21:18:17 1996 IST):

>From Indian, Im happy to hear this and i would also like to know why cant you go ahead along with Mr.Sunil Dutt and blow this crap away and get back to your personal life and acting. Its lousy to see that the son(if im right) of the Jewel of Cinema: Nargis'ji having to run from pillar to post and being locked up. There must be some way to get out of this crap. Good luck!!

nikhil kharabanda (Mon Sep 30 21:18:18 1996 IST):


Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:18:23 1996 IST):

Ram Rahim: I admire my dad the most in the world.

cameraman (Mon Sep 30 21:18:47 1996 IST):

sanjay, u have claimed that u are innocent. if such a thing(accusations and charges) can happen to a celebrity like u, what happens to an ordinary man. do u think indian judiciary has been / and will do justice any further.

(Mon Sep 30 21:19:13 1996 IST):

hi sanjay dutt. this may be a dumb question. but tell me - why do have such long hair !!!!??

soofee (Mon Sep 30 21:19:25 1996 IST):

This chaat is not honest!!!

meenali (Mon Sep 30 21:19:27 1996 IST):

Do you plan on doing any other thing or are films the only thing for you?

meenali (Mon Sep 30 21:19:27 1996 IST):

Do you plan on doing any other thing or are films the only thing for you?

(Mon Sep 30 21:19:33 1996 IST):

Are you reconciled with your dad now? I think you have more courage than he is. Which is saying something. I don't know why the Dutts are treated so badly. Your pa wasn't treated well by Rajiv Gandhi, and neither have you been by this damn govt?

nikhil kharabanda (Mon Sep 30 21:20:38 1996 IST):

are you answering

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:21:04 1996 IST):

Samyukta: I was disapppointed by the people of my industry they never stood by me . I realised that you have just one or two real friends and family is the only one who stands by you in happiness and in problems

soofee (Mon Sep 30 21:21:08 1996 IST):

Sanjay hobnons with Gangstas like Thackeray

Ram Rahim (Mon Sep 30 21:21:14 1996 IST):

For God's sake, what do you mean by saying these haunted eyes will shut down soon. You must never give up! You can't. You have too much to lose. And too many people out there who love yopu. And remember Trish-- you've got to live for her!

nikhil kharabanda (Mon Sep 30 21:22:35 1996 IST):


Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:23:03 1996 IST):

Nikhil: My fav film is Scarface

James Dean : I've always respected and loved my dad but he was once honest selfless politican and people get scared of them to get back to him they put me in jail.

Samyukta (Mon Sep 30 21:23:16 1996 IST):

Sofee, please realise the case is sub judice. Man, in the UK, no one would have even breathed a word about the case. You can't expect Sunju to speak about the case. And if he does hobnob with whom you allege he does -- than who doesn't? Do the BJP leaders don't? Has the BJP given angels tickiets in UP?

Sanjay Dutt. (Mon Sep 30 21:24:03 1996 IST):

James Dean: I love long hair and It's different