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Wild Fireeee


  • Madhuri Dixit's make-up man and hair dresser have asked their concerned association for a special raise. All make-up artistes in the industry get a fixed amount for their services but Dixit's staff feels they deserve extra. Their demand was repeated in a meeting at the IMPAA house. The response was unexpectedly kind. The producers agreed that it was not easy to make a 30 plus look at 13 plus and for Madhuri's make-up crew, the job was getting even tougher by the day.

  • Those days are gone when Shah Rukh used to put his foot in his mouth, these days he puts in a cast. Shah thinks that the best way to take a break is break a bone. He's done it again for the tenth time in the year. He tore his shin ligaments, pushed his foot into a cast and wobbled at home for 4 weeks on crutches. "I've used this time for self-analysis and growth," he says. "I'm trying to find out who I am." The conclusion could take a while, the good news is that he's having a baby, so right now he's a proud papa-to-be. Proud and happy. And may God keep it going that way for him.

  • Jackie is on to a new 'love me' number. He signs off his autographs with his mobile number, scrawled underneath. Sex, age, creed..anyone can talk to Jackie, anytime, anywhere. Isn't this guy too good to be true?

  • Shilpa Shetty's father loves meeting and talking to people but the daughter and mother don't like the idea. They try to keep him away from people as far as possible. Recently when a journalist called the Shetty household, Mr. Shetty picked up the phone. "Shilpa has gone to Chennai and from there she's going here and then she is going there.." he explained. "She's become an NRI." NRI? Non-Resident Indian? Was Shilpa going to Hollywood to do Steven Spielberg's next with Tom Cruise? "NO," laughed the kindly man. "When I say NRI, I mean Non-Required Indian." If that's a joke, Shilpa Shetty is not touchy.

  • These money matters are strange. Money matters to most but it matters most to who have money. But where there is money there is no matter and where there is matter there is no money. But no matter what, money is money. Little or more, it matters. In case, you're wondering if I've flipped my coins, I'm just trying to give Mamta Kulkarni some tips which she may pass on if she likes when she visits her beauty salon next. The girls working there insist that Kulkarni doesn't like to pass the buck. But Mamta can take it from me, these tips will only enhance not lessen her 'purse'onality.