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Jimmy's TOP 10 MOVIES OF 1997

Although the summer was fun of thrills -- "Gupt," "Border" and "Viraasat" being my favorites - most of the movies that struck home for me were large scale, with huge starcasts and with awesome music. Once again, this year makes clear you don't buy great movies, you invent them. Here is my Top 10 list for 1997, in descending order of preference.

#10 Ishq
Ishq: An awesome foursome.
Released in December
Starcast: Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgan, Juhi Chawla, Kajol, Dalip Tahil, Johny Lever.
What's it about : A poor guy likes the rich girl and another rich guy likes this another poor girl and believe it or not the poor guy and the rich guy are friends and the poor girl and the rich girl are friends...and..are u still with me? Just checking..
Sucess Secret: Execllent performance by the cast and good music.
Music: Anu malik, Excellent, especially Mr. Lova Lova and Ishq Hua.
Unexpected:An old story but presented in an interesting format.
Did you know?: During the filming of the movie, Aamir khan and Juhi had several fights which caused the delayed release.

#9 Judaai
Hands up all those who dare to bare it. A scene from "Judaai," one of the year's best movies.
Starcast: Anil Kapoor, Sri Devi and Urmilla Matondatkar
What's it about : Anil and Sri Devi are happily married but the wifey wants money and the hubby doesn't have any so she makes a deal with the desperate Urmilla who can and will do anything to get Anil.
Sucess Secret: The performances by the cast and an unusual story that did sell
Music:Nadeem Shravan. Stale tunes but hey it worked.
Unexpected: Judaai was termed a flop after it's 3rd week, however it picked up the slack in April
Did you Know?Karisma Kapoor was supposed to do the role Urmila Matondkar eventually did. But Karisma Kapoor didn'tfeel too bad because she replaced Urmila in Dil To Pagal Hai.

#8 Judwaa
Salman finally hit the jackpot with "Judwaa"
Released in February
Starcast: Salman Khan, Karishma Kapoor, Rambha..and oh yeah another Salman Khan.
What's it about : Hmm...Two twins who are separated at birth..u know the same ol' same ol.'
Sucess Secret: Well directed and good music by Anu Malik.
Music:Anu Malik. Good Music
Unexpected: Cheap Comedy, however the crowds LOVED IT.
Did you Know?Govinda refused the roll because he thought he was doing too many double roles.

#7 Viraasat
Pooja Batra pointing in the right direction with "Viraasat"
Released in May
Starcast: Anil Kapoor, Tabu, Pooja Batra and Amrish Puri.
What's it about : This guy comes back from london and has to take over his dad's Viraasat because his dad drops dead..Duhhh!
Sucess Secret: Woah Anil Kapoor..can he act or what? and that chick Pooja Batra? She made her debut with a splash and oh yeah..the music, musak or whatchamacall it by Anu Malik was awesome.
Music:Anu Malik. Great Great Great Music.
Unexpected: Pooja Batra's performance.
Did you Know?producers Mushir-Riaz scored their first major hit in their career after almost 25 years.

#6 Pardes
The world at her: Mahima makes a successfull entry in the Bollywood film industry
Released in August
Starcast: Shahrukh Khan, Apoorva Agnihotri and Mahima Chowdhary.
What's it about : SRK comes to india to hook up his friend but he ends up hooking himself up to his friend's bride.
Sucess Secret: The music and SRK and yeah Mahima..people loved her.
Music:Nadeem Shravan. Average but not on the caliber of Saajan or Aashiqui.
Unexpected: Mahima Chowdhary
Did you Know?Shah Rukh Khan performed a dangerous stunt,but the crew discovered that there was no film in the camera. So they had to shoot again.

#5 Gupt
"Gupt" had the moviegoers scratching their brains for the killer.
Released in July
Starcast: Bobby Deol, Kajol, Manisha Koiralla and Raj Babbar
What's it about : Governor gets killed. His stepson, a disco dude, is accused of the foul deed. Dude breaks out of prison to find the real killer. Dude sings songs, worries and hides in plush boudoirs. And the real killer is...
Sucess Secret: The mystery of whodunit.
Music:Viju Shah: Techno like music that was to the pace of the movie..
Unexpected: Another great movie by the Rai Clan.
Did you Know?Manisha Koirala accepted the role rejected by Raveena Tandon and Karisma Kapoor. She didn't regret it.

#4 Hero No 1
Govinda was "cooking" the recipe of love in "Hero No 1" with the sizzling Karishma.
Released in March
Starcast: Govinda, Karishma Kapoor and Kader Khan.
What's it about : Govinda becomes a servant in his honey's house to win her parents.
Sucess Secret: It was funnneeeee!
Music:Anand Milind gave an above average score
Unexpected: A remake of Bawaarchi.
Did you Know?Everyone thought that the film had flopped because it was the proverbial slow-starter. But even as trade pundits attributed the slump to "an unoriginal theme" or "a stale comedy", the film picked up... rapidly. Govinda strikes again.

#3 Yes-Boss
Shahrukh had a hat-trick with Yes-Boss: A scene from Yes-Boss, one of the best movies of 1997.

Released in July
Starcast: Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla and Aditya Pancholi.
What's it about : An ambitious good guy is a chamcha to a not-so-good boss. Along comes an ambitious good girl. Now it's heads or tails between money and love.
Sucess Secret: Shahrukh Khan and Juhi Chawla.
Music:Jatin Lalit gave an excellent score for Yes-boss.
Unexpected: A sort of remake of Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman.
Did you Know?12 or 13 cameramen were employed for the shoot the film... a new record of sorts.

#2 Border
Akshaye left the girls drooling in "Border".
Released in July
Starcast: Sunny Deol, Akshaye Khanna, Sunil Shetty, Jackie Shroff, Pooja Bhatt, Tabu.
What's it about : The story of Indo-Pak War with some songs and a loud loud loud Major or whatever you call him..
Sucess Secret: Patriotism..Go Pakista...I mean GO INDIA!!
Music:Anu Malik. He is da no he is DA MAN.
Unexpected: In the land of love..who needs war? :) but wait a was a hit which was unexpected.
Did you Know?Initially, trade experts gave a thumbs-down to Border, huffing that there was no way it would run beyond a week... let alone become the highest grosser of the year. But it did... it did. And JP Dutta had the last laugh on the naysayers.

AND THE #1 MOVIE OF 1997 WAS.... Dil Toh Pagal Hai
Yash Chopra was crisp again with Dil Toh Pagal Hai.
Released in August
Starcast: Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Karishma Kapoor..oh sorry, Akshay Kumar tooo.
What's it about : Shah Rukh is a musical theatre director. Madhuri and Karisma are his actresses. Both of them love him. But he loves one of them.
Sucess Secret: Its Music and that's it!!
Music:Utam Singh. Excellent..thats the only word for the music of Utam Singh.
Unexpected: A script that didn't live up to it's potential.
Did you Know?::Along with its record breaking initial draw, it has broken all records in music sales... even that of Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge. Play it again, Yash Chopra.
Created by the one and only Jimmy Mehra: