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ThE wInNeRs AnD lOoSeRs Of ThE wEeK iN BoLlYwOoD!!

Welcome To the "Winners and Loosers of the week in Bollywood," this section is updated every week.
Compiled by:Jimmy Mehra
Winner of the week:For Aug 23-Aug 30

Pick Reason(s)
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan for his music in "Aur Pyar Ho Gaya,"

Looser of the week

Pick Reason(s)
None this week

Winner of the week: For Aug 16-Aug 22

Pick Reason(s)

Gulshan Kumar: One will remember the great music that Gulshan Kumar brought to his audiences. From the hit music in Aashiqui to the soothing Album of Pankaj Udhas. Even though Gulshan Kumar is dead, he will be remembered every minute in the bollywood film industry.
Looser of the week: For Aug 16-Aug 22

Pick Reason(s):
Viju Shah: After giving Hit music in Gupt and Aar Ya paar, he has failed to live up to expectations by giving a below average music in "Prithvi"

Winner of the week: For Aug 8-Aug 15

Pick Reason(s)

Shahrukh Khan is back after Koyla and he is here with a bang. Did you know that Shahrukh Khan hasn't given a hit since Diwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Koyla flopped but with YES BOSS and a great opening with PARDES, he has reclaimed the Numero 1 spot. Now one can only wait if he can do the same magic with DUPLICATE, his next release.

Looser of the week: For Aug 8-Aug 15

Yes folks, the looser of the week for this week is one and guessed it, AKSHAY KUMAR. Akshay Kumar just signs the movies for money not for the story. WHO reads his scripts?? All his movies are beginning to look the same(A corrupt Politician, a police officer seeking justice and the herione is there for some dance sequences). His recent film Tarazu failed to collect a good enough ditribution for the first week. Akshay has to know, he needs a Viraasat or a Border in order to run to the top.

Winner of the week: For Aug 1- Aug 7

Pick Reason(s)

Gulzar has once again proved that he is one of the best lyricsts around the industry. After giving the great lyrics in Maachis, he is back with Daayara with stupendous lyrics.

Looser of the week: For Aug 1-Aug 7

Even though Harihran has a great voice, he can't really click with the on screen Hunks. Either he is too good or no hunk of his standard is out there to match his voice.

Winner of the Week:For July 24-31:Anand Bakshi

Pick Reason(s)

Once again, Anand Bakshi has given great lyrics for the album Pardes. From years ago in movies like Seeta Aur Geeta to today with Pardes, Gupt and his award winning Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Bakshi has come to show the industry that he still has a lot of writing talent left in him.

Looser of the Week for July 24-31:Akshay Kumar

Pick Reason(s)

In the past years, Akshay was considered the next Amitabh Bacchan. However, He has failed to give a hit for more than a year. His movies such as 'Lahoo Ke Do Rang,' 'Insaaf,' 'Daava' have flopped miserably at the box office

Winner of the Week:For July 17-24: Sonu Nigam

Pick Reason(s)

Brilliance is one word to describe this young man. Singing for shows all around the world and his successful program Sa Re Ga Ma... on Zee TV has made this man extremely popular. And not only that, but his recent performances in songs like "Deewana Dil" in Pardes and "Ke Ghar Kab Aao Ge" from Border that makes this man the Win ner of the Week!

Looser of the Week for July 17-24:Nadeem Shravan

Pick Reason(s)

Although making decent songs for the movie Pardes, this duo could have done much better to create another "Raja Hindustani". But, maybe they just can't create one being original. And finally, the Title Music from Pardes is simply ripped off of the backgro und score album for Bandit Queen by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Nadeem Shravan have shown that they are just as much plagiarists as their contemporaries on the music scene. Hell, how many times can you come up with a completely original song. Everyone is inspi red sooner or later in life to emulate the work one appreciates of another person. Next time, you hear Nadeem Shravan claim that they are complete originals and that everyone pales in comparison to them, you can also be sure that they are lying.

Winner of the Week for July 8-16.

Pick Reason(s)

Abhijeet After a while in which this man didn't do much, Abhijeet has come on top once again with four lovely songs from BYes BossB. After his Baaghi and Khiladi days, Abhijeet was unseen until the lovely rendition in Fareb of "Yeh Teri Aankhen". From there he sang a couple numbers in Judaai and now Yes Boss. Maybe we have seen our new numero uno on the male singer circuit!

Looser of the Week for July 8-16.

Pick Reason(s)

Kumar Sanu This man has been on a recent downfall. Except for Virasaat, Sanu doesn't have anything on the top 10 list currently. Either he has slowed down singing or he has just had good luck. Even in Yes Boss, Sanu ended up with the worst song in the album, "Ek Din Aap", which he hasn't sung too well either.

Winner of the Week:For July 1-7

Pick Reason(s)

Anu Malik Two straight hits in a row! Virasat and now Border have both been hits at the box office, as movies and especially music. Malik may be coming back from the Judwaa-Macerena post Akele Hum Akele Tum days where he might actually come close to the numero uno position. But wait... J-L has their Yes Boss and Nadeem Shravan still has their Pardes to be released... Ho! But Malik still has Vinod Chopra's Kareeb as his next big release!

Looser of the Week for July 1-7

Pick Reason(s)

Mehboob This lyricist has gone from great to good to okay to bad and now atrocious! From Rangeela to The Return of the Jewel Thief he was doing well... then came Hindustani and nowBDaud. Hindustani was understandable because it was dubbed, but Daud has totally ridiculous lyrics and makes the music sound like it was dubbed. And this guy won the "R.D. Burman Award" for his lyrics in Rangeela... so much for the Filmfares.

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