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Manisha Vs. Akshay!!!


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> If you were Jack Nicholson in The Postman Always Rings Twice and the woman you're deeply, passionately in love with, wants you to kill her husband?
If she is married and her husband is a very good guy, why would i kill him? I'd kill her first because she told me lies. Forget killing, I would deal with her first.

If you were Richard Gere in Pretty Woman and you realize that you are falling in love with a prostitute.
Ha. Ha. Nothing. How would I feel about it? If I've fallen in love. I've fallen in love. Background is not important for me.

If you were George Peppard in Breakfast At the Tiffany's and you realize that the woman you have fallen in love with is a prostitute.
Well, I think the above answer applies to this question too manisha. Falling in love, fallen in love, how does it matter either way??

If you were Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca and you have a chance to elope with your willing lover - only she is married. What would you choose between love and duty?
Hey, Hey, Hey, this whole relationship is confusing. Wait a second while i understand this. Why will I want to elope with her if she's married? What is my duty? To tell her that her place is with her hubby.

If you were Clint Eastwood in The bridges of Madison County and your lover refuses to elope with you as she is already married.
I just told you I'm a practical man. I wont get involved with a married woman.

If you were William Baldwin in Three Of Hearts and you realize the woman you love is a lesbian.
If she's a lesbian, I am the wrong man..err..person for her.

If you were Robert Dinero in Casino and the woman you love continues to meet her old boyfriend.
I'd say two words, 'Bye Bye'.

If you were Liam Neeson in Rob-Roy and the woman you love gets brutally raped.
I'll deal with it sensitively. She needs more love, more caring at such a time. I would continue to love her.

If you were Stephen Rea in The Crying Game and you realize the woman you love is actually a man in disguise.
It would be sad that I didn't realize earlier that she was a man since I was in love with her/him.