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 Turn ons
A fast-paced thriller

A bad movie

 Car in school
My dad owned a white Fiat

 Car now
A black Opel Astra. I get a terrific high when I drive myself

Favourite TV show
The countdown shows and other film-based programmes.
sThey help me catch up with the latest releases and give
me an idea about what the other guys are up to

When do you lie
When the truth is likely to hurt anyone

Memorable moments
The day my father recovered from his second bypass surgery.
I was more tense then than when Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat was

Philosophy of life
Life's like ice-cream. Enjoy it before it melts

On a blind date you'd go out with
The man I'm destined to marry

Secret ambition
Since it's secret, I can't let it out

If you were a burglar, you'd steal
The heart of the best looking guy in the world. I'm looking
for him majorl

You'd like to be reborn as
Myself. Only a little taller

Bad breath, foul smells, anything that makes me wrinkle
my nose - especially medicines, ugh!

Favourite night activity
I'd love to paint the town red or have a quiet dinner and
take off for a long drive, but since this is not in my hands,
I just go to sleep

 Favourite drink

Terrified of
Failure, rejection, death

Recurring dream
I do dream, but it's a different dream every time

Favourite book
I'm not an avid reader. The only thing I read is Reader's
. Everything is in condensed form

Vegetable you resemble most
A carrot

One role you'd give your eye and teeth for
A chicken roll. I love it, but I'm usually too scared to eat
it because I put on weight easily